DAYMOL is a dream come true of two ordinary families working abroad, longing one day to cease their employments overseas and establish a business in their home country with a simple goal – a quality life.

Having the same goal, the best of friends, families DAYRIT and MOLINA prayerfully sought God’s leading and will. Through the course of time, the two families agreed and aggressively took the opportunity in starting a partnership and invest in aggregates trucking services. A gamble where neither parties had the experience nor idea on how things actually work. Their only stronghold is faith in God and in themselves and unadulterated trust between each other. Pessimism up to this very day is not a mindset.


In a challenge where questions how and when to start must be addressed. Both had to take the courage and the responsibility to make big decisions. One party quit from a stable job abroad, the other party entrusted hard-earned savings and proactive involvement while maintaining a demanding full-time job.


Times have been trying during the initial stages of the venture. DAYMOL maintained resilience and readily took risks. They placed Someone more powerful than them, the BIG boss of every business, to work with them. DAYMOL won the trust of clients one after the other and during 2016, new investors joined the DAYMOL family. Further, it was registered under the corporate name DAYMOL Aggregates and Builders Inc.


DAYMOL now owns several numbers of trucks and heavy equipment. With currently 27 employees, it is expanding its business to operate its own quarry and crushing plant by 2018.