DAYMOL Aggregates and Builders, Inc. offers investment opportunity for interested individuals who are willing to take part on the growing demand in Aggregates Industry.


The corporation is now open to issue and sell "Class A Preferred Shares" in the capital of the Corporation to the Investors who wishes to purchase "Class A Preferred Shares" on the terms to be set out in the agreement by two parties.


According to BSP (Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas) 2nd quarter inflation report in 2014, Aggregate demand is expected to continue to expand on the strength of growing consumer spending, increased government spending, and favorable economic prospects. This is very true with 2017's booming infrastructure projects of the current administration.



1. How stable is DAYMOL?

DAYMOL has been in the aggregates operation and trucking business for 2 years. Though new in the industry, the young entrepreneurs are driven with passion and enthusiasm to expand its market and business in eastern Pangasinan. DAYMOL has currently 11 nos. of 10 wheeler trucks and heavy equipment such as excavator and payloader in preparation for the quarry and crushing plant operation.

2. What is the financial status of DAYMOL?

(Available with the company's CFO upon request by the investor )


3. What is the investment opportunity in DAYMOL?

DAYMOL is offering Class A Preferred Shares in the capital of the Corporation to the Investors. It is a class of ownership in the corporation where a guaranteed return of investment is assured. Terms and conditions are defined in the “Investors Agreement”.


4. How to Invest?

DAYMOL accepts a minimum investment of 1M in Philippines Peso. Payment must be made thru “Managers Cheque” or “Fund/Wire transfer” to corporate account as defined in the “Investors Agreement”.


5. What profitability is expected?

DAYMOL offers two profitability options for investors as follows:


Option A - “Retractable” preferred shareholders are preferred shares that allows the investor to redeem the share at equity or par value on a specified date. It is however company’s discretion to pay a Bonus Dividend whenever possible at the end of each tax year or company’s year-end.


Option B – “Perpetual” preferred shareholders are preferred shares that has no maturity date and pays a fixed dividend for as long as it remains outstanding. Fixed dividend shall be determined by the company’s board of directors based on profit turns and upon signing of the contract. In times where profitability is unfavorable, DAYMOL agrees to apply cumulative shares that allows for the accumulation of unpaid dividends. Once the business is back in the black, all unpaid dividends will be paid to the investor. 


6. How safe is my investment?

DAYMOL is investing on heavy equipment that can be easily liquidated or disposed. Your investment is secured and does not depend on the volatility of any primary commodities in the market and in stock exchange.

Philippines’ economic infrastructure in next 5 to 10 years depend on the aggregates business and this is where DAYMOL’s assets were invested.


7. Is there a lock-up period on my investment?

A 3-year lock-up period shall be part of the agreement to protect the investment and interest of both parties (the company and the investor). Should there be a real need, a certain conditions and settlement must be agreed by both parties.


8. How can I redeem my investment?

Option A – Investment can be redeemed based on the current equity or par value. Tax and processing fee shall be applied if necessary.


Option B – Outstanding investment can be redeemed after the lock-up or hold period. Tax and processing fee shall be applied if necessary.


9. How soon is the paid-up capital?

Investment must be paid either full or partial upon or after the signing of the agreement.