Our Company Pride, Quality & Service We Provide!

Our Vision.

The visions of Daymol Aggregates and Builders Inc. are simple; to become the premium providers of your construction material requirements and to consistently exercise our core values of raw honesty to our customers as we provide quality products, materials and services.

Daymol Aggregates and Builders Inc. aims ...

Our Products.

Our Products are the following:


3/4 Crushed Gravel

3/4 Round Gravel

3/8 Crushed Gravels

G1 Crushed Gravel

S1 Sand

Wash Sand and River Mix

Concrete Hollow-blocks (made from lahar)

Our Services.

Our manpower, trucks and heavy equipment are available for lease or rental at an affordable cost.

For inquiries, please call 0917 149 8634 or 0908 896 8522 and look for Elizabeth.


You may also email us at daymol.inc@daymol.com

or visit our contact page.